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Wireless Internet Security

The Internet has a lot of security risks you should be aware of. If in the past the only big problematic transactions were those of Ecommerce, these days you should be careful and watch your step on every website. Wireless Internet security is a new type of problematic action.

It is of high importance that you have a very secure wireless Internet connection. Otherwise, you may be infected with Trojans, Spyware, or other malware. You may end up losing information, money, or invaluable things such as photos or memorabilia. If your wireless Internet connection is unsecure, it is actually a duck sitting on a lake for hackers who are constantly searching for these types of wireless connections.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure your wireless connection is not exposed. These things are listed below to help you in the fight against hackers:

Change the Router Password and Enable Encyption

First of all, you need to be careful when you set up the wireless connection. You should create secure login information and avoid leaving the default one. This way, hackers will find it very difficult to crack your account. Also, you should disable the SSOD so that the wireless connection is not seen by anyone else but you. WPA, WEP and WP2 are important data security protocols that provide powerful security for a wireless network.

Increase Security on Every Network Computer

On each computer that is connected to a network, you can do a few tweaks to increase the overall network security. First, you can turn off all other accounts except the admin account in Windows, including the Guest account. You can also enable passwords on every computer. Also, disabling network file sharing options on all computers can increase security. If you need to share files, you can open up sharing temporarily and then turn it back off when finished. Another thing you can do is place all confidential files in encrypted directories.

It is advisable to install firewall software on all the computers that access the wireless network. Also, the firewall should be updated as often as possible for the best results of protecting your connection. When you are not using the wireless connection, you should turn it off because this way you will reduce the exposure time and decrease the chances of an attack.

Install security software on all computers

All computers must have reliable and up-to-date antivirus and antispyware software solutions. If one computer in the network that doesn't have security software installed is infected, chances are the threat could spread to other computers. Once there is a loophole, your network can be used for all sorts of bad things, including some crimes even, on the Internet.

Put a cap on signal range

The router or access point puts out the network signal that other computers use to stay connected to the network. When you have the router close to the boundary of your house, neighbours and other people around the neighbourhood can pick-up the signal and connect to the network. Therefore, it is best to place your router in the middle of the house if possible. This will reduce the amount of network coverage that is outside of your house.

Disable Automatic Dynamic IP software

You should disable automatic dynamic IP software and do all the settings manually. If you do not know exactly what to do, it is advisable to ask the wireless seller. The remote administration service should be kept disabled at all times because if it is enabled, anyone can change your settings.

Nowadays, wireless Internet security is an important aspect of our lives. This is because wireless connections are more and more popular and hackers find new solutions of cracking them. If you follow the above tips, you will minimize the risk of having security issues of your wireless connection.

Taking the time to learn and customize your wireless connection will certainly repay itself in having lesser security problems in the future.

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