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The Advantages of Anonymous Surfing

Internet security should be one of our major concerns these days. Internet security should be ensured as we use the Internet for making a lot of financial operations or for corresponding with other people. Personal information, money, and valuable information have lesser chances to be lost if we ensure Internet security because the Internet is responsible for the vast majority of computer security problems.

One way of having an increased security is through anonymous surfing. There are three types of anonymous technologies for web surfing: Web based anonymous proxy, VPN tunneling and protocol dependent proxies. These three categories are presented below in order to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Web based anonymous proxy

Web-Based anonymous proxy is a service that permits you to browse the Internet through a server with better security features. Its working procedure is relatively simple. You have to land on the proxy page, then type the URL and click on "Go".

Your request will be redirected through the secure proxy. However, there are a few limitations of this technology. For example, you will not be allowed to view secured pages. These are shopping or banking websites. Cookies or other features might not work while using this technology as well. However, your surfing will be under more secure conditions.

Protocol dependent proxies

Protocol dependent proxies are a great way of surfing anonymously. You can use proxy for sending emails or for browsing. This type of anonymous browsing is very popular these days. The main disadvantage of this technology is that it is dependent on the protocol. Therefore, your computer's software should have great proxy support.

The technology is not hard to use as you just have to adjust the browser settings. It helps at hiding the real IP and therefore your browsing will be done anonymously. You will of course benefit from increased security this way.

VPN tunneling

VPN tunneling is the third way of ensuring anonymous browsing. VPN is an acronym for virtual private network. Usually, government agencies, financial institutions and big companies use this type of anonymous browsing. This is because this ensures the best Internet security options from all the three options. This is a technology that supports data encryption policy.

All of these technologies require a high bandwidth and serious network equipments. However, the price paid is not high as they ensure the best Internet security. Living in a world where the Internet is a great opportunity and a great flaw of the communication, ensuring proper security features should be our main concern for both business and personal computers. Failing to understand the risks we are exposed at can make us victims of hackers and other ill intentioned persons.

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