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Top Internet Security Risks

The Internet is full of security risks. There are security risks even where you would not expect. For example, you can encounter security breaches in places such as Facebook or MySpace. The whole idea is that you have to be aware of these risks and try to avoid them. Otherwise, people will gain access to your personal information.

In this article below you will find out 3 of the biggest security risks:


MySpace started its business a few years ago. Since then it has become more and more popular for people all over the world. It has millions of members especially teenagers. Unfortunately, teenagers are unaware of the risks MySpace has.

Based on this lack of awareness and care about Internet security, there were many hackers who downloaded Trojans and spyware onto its members' computers. The best way to avoid this is by having a firewall and antivirus installed. If you have a firewall, you will not need to worry about these risks.


Facebook had one of the most rapid growths in the history of Internet. It was started by a few teenagers and today it is used by millions. Those who hacked MySpace accounts are now trying to hack Facebook members' accounts. There are a lot of widgets and applications you can use in Facebook and that is exactly what makes Facebook so fragile to attacks.

There are Trojans and Spyware that can be sent through a note. Many times this is exactly what happens. One account gets hijacked and it begins sending notes to all of his/her friends. This note will often contain a link to a malware or virus. As a result everybody who clicks on this link gets infected with the virus.


As you saw above, the Internet is full of risks. Unfortunately, there are risks even in places we simply do not expect them to be. For example, let's take a look at eCommerce platforms. They are believed to be extremely secure as you reveal your credit card numbers and sensitive information on them.

In reality, they might as secure as you would think. It is true that the majority of them are quite secure, but there are many businesses that are not secure at all. It is important to trust the business behind the website because otherwise hackers will begin shopping with your credit card as soon as possible. In general, make sure you are only giving your credit card numbers to trusted sites.

The Internet has a lot of security risks. However, there are solutions for avoiding them. For example, installing an antivirus and a firewall is a very good idea. Keeping these programs up to date and running 24/7 is very important too. When you want to purchase goods online, always check the credibility of the website because your credit card numbers will be exposed.

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