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Securing a Wireless Network

It is important to take all possible steps to keep your network safe and away from hackers. When a hacker gains access to your network, all sorts of problems can pop up. They range from your inability to access your system to the worst-case scenario where your wireless network is used as a platform to launch criminal attacks. The tips below can help to keep your network safe:

Disable the DHCP

For a hacker to gain access to your wireless network, when you disable your DHCP, the hacker must decode the IP address and the TCP/IP parameters. Disabling the DHCP will make it harder for a hacker to access your wireless network.

WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol)

This acronym WEP stands for wireless encryption protocol. It is a technique for encrypting traffic on a network. Encryption will make it much more difficult for a hacker to look at the traffic going in and out of your wireless router to your computers.

Antenna Position

The position of your antenna is vital to keeping your network safe from hackers. Always position your antenna in the center of the area you want. In summary, the antenna should be positioned in such a way to limit the network range to the area you want. If a hacker is unable to see the signal, it will be impossible to hack into the network.

Access list

This feature enables you to form a list of devices that can get access to the wireless network. This is pretty easy to manage as you can always add or remove devices from the access list. This combined with encryption will make it extremely difficult for a hacker to access your network.

Change SNMP settings

A hacker can use the SNMP to gain valuable information about a network. Therefore, it is important to change the community and private settings of the SNMP.

Security matters the most. It doesn't matter where you reside, act on the above steps to make sure that your wireless network is completely safe and secure away from hackers.

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