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Fixing a Frozen iPad

A bad app is one of the causes of a frozen iPad. It can be annoying when an iPad freezes up like a laptop or desktop computer does. IPads are precious devices and I understand how frustrating it can be. If you are experiencing this problem, you have come to the right place for a possible solution.

Method 1 - Restart

This step won't make you lose any files or data. Just press down and hold the Hold button. You can find the button on the upper top of the iPad. Hold the "Hold" button until a slider button appears. Now, gently use your finger to shut down the device. Wait for a while and hold down the "Hold" button again until the iPad restarts.

Method 2 - Mild Reset

Mild reset is necessary only if a simple restart didnít resolve the problem. Hold down the Menu button and the "Hold" button at the same time to shut down the iPad. Wait for a while before repeating the process to start the iPad again. This method does not affect files or data on your iPad. Check to see that the iPad is no longer frozen or that the problem has been fixed.

Method 3 - Default Settings

This method will surely fix a frozen iPad. The disadvantage is that you might lose files and settings on your iPad if you are not careful.

Check to see that you have the latest iTunes software on your machine. Now, connect the iPad to the computer. Go to Devices -> iPad -> Summary, and look for the Restore button. Click on the button. When prompted to save your files, click on the Backup button. REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR FILES WHEN PROMPTED TO. Now wait for the process to finish. Resave files back to the iPad. Your iPad should be working fine at this point.

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