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How to Synchronize an iPad

After purchasing a new iPad and activating it, the next thing is to sync files to the iPad. When you sync an iPad with a computer, you are simply exchanging files such as bookmarks, contacts, emails, and other files between the two machines. Normally, the sync management window will open up and start synchronizing as soon as you connect the iPad to the computer, but if it doesn't then you have to open it yourself. Let's delve into the steps on how to sync an iPad with a computer manually.

Step 1 - First, if you have not done so already, you need to activate your iPad.

Step 2 Next, you will need to install an up to date copy of iTunes software on your computer.

Step 3 - Use the cord that came with the iPad to connect the device to the computer. The iTunes software should immediately recognize your device and open up. Select your device and click on the info tab. If iTunes does not open automatically, then open iTunes as well.

Step 4 - Select the items you want to sync and click on 'Apply'.

Step 5 - The iPad should start syncing with the computer now. The first time you sync, you are asked whether or not you want to merge data, replace data on the iPad, or replace data on the computer. When you choose to merge information, any differences between the data will be mingled together. If you choose to replace information, information from either the computer or device will overwrite the information on the other. Keep in mind that once you make your choice and the data starts syncing, the changes cannot be undone. After that, anytime you connect your device to your computer, iTunes opens and syncs with your iPad according to the settings you have just decided in iTunes.

To tweak iTunes, click on the sync option. The info tab let's you see all the files that iTunes has identified on your computer which are being synced. Whether you want to sync an iPod, iPhone, or an iPad, they all follow the same steps. One can choose to set their iTunes to sync automatically or manually with the computer. All the items identified by iTunes are by default automatically synced except unless you choose to control the items.

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