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Hot Windows 7 News

For those running windows 7 beta and RC, the excitement is in the air. It's a long time from now until October 22 when the full version will be made available but from all indications, there will only be minor changes to the final version. Therefore, there is a need to focus our radar on those features that will definitely make it to the final stage things that make windows 7 rock! Frankly speaking, the operating system is the fastest, most responsive operating system currently available to the market.

If you give a quick check of the windows 7 installation file, you would observe windows 7 is versioned as 6.1. This has been used quite often by OS critics to describe windows 7 as a service pack of Vista. However, I feel Microsoft is trying to avoid a repeat of what happened immediately after windows vista was launched: People purchased Windows Vista and then ran it on systems only to discover that no hardware or software was compatible with it. This technically explains why windows 7 is build on the same foundation as Windows Vista. To check the installation file of your OS click start -> Run -> type cmd -> and press enter. The windows version pops up in command window.

However, there is a little bit of bad news for people in Europe. Microsoft has decided to strip out Internet Explorer (IE) 8 from Windows 7 available for customers in Europe. This decision is to comply with anti-trust regulation in that part of the world. In turn, the European Customer, by way of compensation will pay less for Windows 7 than elsewhere in the world.

The following are some of the sizzling features you should expect from the full version of windows 7:

#1: BitLocker and BitLocker To Go
Building on the strength of BitLocker in windows vista, BitLocker in windows 7 prevents hacking tools from penetrating your system security. In addition, you do not have to worry about sensitive data each time you go online as BitLocker prevents online view of protected data. In the event of theft or loss of your computer, this feature provides permanent safety of secured data. BitLocker To Go is a data recovery and protection system for removal storage devices.

#2: AppLocker
With AppLocker, you don't need to worry about malicious software running on your system. This system helps an administrator choose which software application can run on a system.

#3: BranchCache
It provides a branch caching service for professional network administrators to use at their offices. This application comes in handy for a business that operates from more than one office location.

#4: Compatibility and Deployment
Software that runs on windows vista is compatible with windows 7. Therefore, you shouldn't have to spend a buck after the OS upgrade.

#5: Virtualization Enhancements
Using virtual Desktop Infrastructure technology, the user can print to a remote printer without having to install the printer driver on the server.

#6: Search
With the new Operating System, searching the computer for that vital information is easier than any other Windows system before.

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