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Windows Vista Is More Secure Than Windows 7

Is Microsoft building less and less secure operating systems? No doubt, windows XP is the most secured and the fastest Operating system available from Microsoft when compared to Vista and others. Following the release of Windows 7 this year, one would have expected Microsoft to patch up the security potholes in Vista and present them in Windows 7. Instead, Windows Vista is more secure than Windows 7. This is according to a report by the well-respected computer security firm Trend Micros.

Talking about usability and security, Microsoft opted for usability and paid no attention to security. For instance, there is no warning to show that there is no antivirus on your computer nor would any warning sign pop up to show that the antivirus is not up-to-date.

Windows 7 is still new and Windows Vista has been out for awhile, so it is possible that the Windows 7 team is cranking away on security fixes. However, time will tell whether Windows 7 security improves over time or whether it will be a more insecure operating system.

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