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Windows 8 Preview

It's only a few weeks since June 1 when Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 at the AllThingsD conference, also known as D9. Since then, the blogosphere has been crammed-full with talk about Windows 8. At the D9, Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky's showed a demo of Windows 8. Obviously, an interface that borrowed a lot from Windows 7 and the Windows phone 7. After the conference, all the talk was not about what Mr Steven Sinofsky said, but what he didn't say.

A presentation that was supposed to spark excitement among millions of Windows users and developers at the end of the day ended up making Windows developers seeking for more answers, particularly about Silverlight and .Net.

In a move to attract more application developers away from Android and Apple, Microsoft plans to release a developer kit to help application developers create immersive applications for Windows 8 using html 5 and JavaScript. There was no mention of Silverlight and .Net, the main tools used by legions of Windows developers to create applications. "Is Microsoft gradually scrapping Silverlight and .Net?", asked one programmer outside of the venue.

Many Windows programmers have spent their entire careers around Silverlight and .Net, so when not even a word was mentioned about these tools at the conference, anxiety builds up. For many, the world is ending. To add salt to the wound, Microsoft has refused to clarify on this point, adding more fuel to the fire. Forums for Windows application developers are bursting at their seams with millions of developers seeking a clarification.

From the D9 conference, it was clear that Microsoft has its eyes set only on pleasing loyal users and winning critiques and not current Windows application developers. The fact is, making it possible to use html 5 and JavaScript, for the first time in Microsoft history, would attract young and vibrant application developers, who before now would prefer spending their time on Android and Apple products.

Without the yet to be release developers kit, html 5 and JavaScript is not good when it comes to creating Windows applications. For example, html 5 is still in its infant stages, and for many application developers, JavaScript is not an ideal programming language.

No one knows for sure if Microsoft will gradually phase out Silverlight and .Net. Microsoft's goal is taking away whatever steam Apple has gathered with iOS, Mac OS X, and the yet to be released, Mac OS X Lion. Windows 8 will be available in 2012 and will run on desktops, tablets, and laptops.

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