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Windows Desktop Tips

By properly organizing your desktop, you will not only save the time you spend to complete a task, but you may also increase the enjoyment of using your computer. Whenever you run the Windows Diagnostic Tools you get things like 'LEARN HOW TO CLEAN UP DESKTOP'. Reducing the number of files you have on the desktop and the menu bar is not the only thing you can do. Below are a few windows desktop tips to save you time.

Storing Files on the Desktop

It reduces computer performance when too many files are stored on the desktop. Many people make this mistake. It may seem very easy to store files on the desktop for easy retrieval, nonetheless, it is a good idea to do this as little as possible. Also, too many files on the desktop can make it hard for you to find what you are looking for as the number of files builds up. The best thing to do is to store files in My Computer somewhere or My documents. You can also create and store them inside a folder on the Desktop.

Use Quick Launch Browser

Quick launch browser enables you to launch an application fast without closing the one you were working on. To add a program to quick launch, you need to right-click a vacant area of the taskbar -> Toolbars-> Quick Launch. Now locate the program you would like to add -> Click it-> Drag it to the quick launch Toolbar.

Pin a Program to the Start Menu

On the start menu, you can find programs that you recently used. If you find a program that you use often, it may be helpful to pin this program to the start menu. To pin a program to the start menu, click the start menu -> all programs-> Locate the program -> right-click-> Pin to start menu. Now it will be really easy to find this program when you need it.

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