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Basic Samsung TV Repair Tips

I own a Samsung TV and recently had a few problems. So, I figured I would write a few repair tips to help others out who may have similar problems. The goal of this guide is to help people conduct some basic TV repair work at home instead of dashing to a technician each time there is a little problem. You could save some money by knowing a few repair tips.

There is power but the Samsung TV won't turn on

The best solution is to probably going to be to reset the TV back to factory settings. However, before doing a factory resetting, do a soft reset by turning off the TV, removing it from the electricity outlet for some time and then plugging it back in again. The problem should be fixed. If it persists, do a factory reset which we describe in the next section.

How to factory Reset a Samsung TV

Performing a factory reset depends on the Samsung TV model. Therefore, I will just give some general ideas and you can go ahead and try to see which tip will work best for you.

First, try to Hold the 'exit' button for 20 sec, a factory reset screen should pop up—follow the wizard to reset your TV.

If the factory default menu does not pop up then, perhaps, you can reset your TV by holding down the 'down' key for 20 seconds, after which time you should click on the "source" button.

If that does not work, hold down the left arrow key for 20 seconds and click on the source key after that. If you are still having no luck, you may have to check your manual or look it up for your particular TV.

Samsung TV Turns off and on over and over again

If your Samsung TV turns off and on over and over again, the problem could be a few things. First, check to see if the TV is really hot. If so, it could be overheating. Try putting a small fan behind the TV to help cool it off.

The next possible fix for this is a bit more of an advanced task. Unplug the TV from the outlet. Open up the TV and find the wire that connects to the screen. Carefully remove the wire and put it back in. Hopefully at this point the problem should now be resolved.

If you are still not having any luck, you could be dealing with a faulty component. Often times, the safety hardware will shut down a TV if it detects a hardware problem.

TV image scrambling after repair work

Okay, you just got your TV back from the technician but the image is scrambling a bit. The problem is coming from the board. It is very possible that they fixed the wrong board. Call the technician again and have them get the right board for your TV set. Since you just got it back, he should do the work for free or at least cheap.

Samsung TV won't turn on

The first thing to do is to check the power outlet to see if there is power. Use a different electrical appliance if you don't have an electrical tester. If the outlet is working properly, replace the power cord. If the problem is not coming from the power cord then we may be talking about a faulty electrical component in the TV, probably the transformer.

Okay, there you go, some of my useful TV repair tips.

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