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iPad Review

With the iPad being released less than a week ago, a lot of people have been busy playing with their new gadget. For many others though, they are sitting back waiting for the responses of what they had found in their iPad. First off, I believe with any review there should always be some upside and some downside. I do not care what it is, there always has to be something negative. This case is no different, so please do not view this as a negative review. I'll start out with the downsides of the iPad first.

First off, the screen is a little bit of an awkward size. It took me forever to get used to typing with my thumbs when I first got my phone. I was able to quickly speed up, but I am not sure that the iPad has a screen size that will ever be something I will get used to and be able to speed up on. I have rather large hands even for a man, and I was hoping I would still be able to thumb type in portrait mode on the iPad. Unfortunately, it is still uncomfortable for me and I find myself sitting the iPad in my lap to type with by two pointer fingers or holding it with one hand and typing with the other. It is far from ideal and it has definitely slowed down my ability to surf the web on the iPad.

Secondly, the price of this gadget is a bit high. I think the device is pretty neat overall, but is it worth the price tag that is on it? I am not absolutely convinced of that quite yet. I do see myself carrying it around and using it more conventionally on the go than I would a laptop. So therefore, in that regard, I can see myself getting quite a bit of use out of it. Time will tell how useful it will be for me though.

Now, we take a look at the good stuff. As with most new gadgets, a lot of the time there will be some major bugs and errors in the software or the device itself. However, apple obviously cares about the functionality of the things they release. I am very pleased with its capability right out of the box. I did not have to sit there and upgrade for hours to get it to work as intended. In fact, the first thing I did was hook it up to my Wi-Fi Internet and surf the web for a few minutes.

Another quick thing I did was go and check out the App store. I remember that at the time of release of the iPhone there were some apps, but not a great deal of them. It took a while for the really good apps to be released. However, it is apparent that developers took this device seriously. They wanted to jump on the bandwagon. There are numerous apps and many new announcements that there will be many more apps to come that are specific to the iPad. I am definitely excited to see what the community brings to the table.

Overall, I was very pleased with the device, even though I paid a little more than I would have liked. However, Apple charges this amount because they can. There is a reason why people sit in lengthy lines for their products. They always bring something new to the table with the intention of revolutionizing the technology industry. Time will tell if they have done it again!

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