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Must-Have iPad and iPad2 Apps

The IPad 2 is here. Apart from the physical looks and features, iPad apps add more to the experience of owning and using an iPad. There are tens of thousands of brilliant iPad apps. Some of the Apps are better than others. Below are some of the must-have iPad apps.


This is one of my favorite apps and it is compatible with Google docs. With DocsToGo, you can create messages, save them, and send them to Microsoft office. This iPad app is like the Microsoft Office of iPad.


The Twitter app for the iPad, also called tweetie, allows you to tweet from your iPad. If you are a big twitter user, then you will want this app.


It displays both facebook and twitter streams. Its magazine-style gives readers a more pleasant environment to read these streams. From flipboard you can submit posts, send email, use facebook, and re-tweet.


If you see an interesting website or article and you don't have the time to read it right away, Instapaper allows you to save these web pages so you can read them whenever you have the time.


A lot of us love using skype. Now, you can use skype on your iPad as well. The skype app for iPad allows you to make and receive calls just like on your PC.


This iPad app is a simple news aggregator. The interface is great for reading news. You can pick news sources and share them with friends.

iBook and Kindle

The iBook and kindle app make it possible to purchase books online. Like the Amazon kindle, with this app, your iPad becomes a perfect e-reader.

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