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How to Copy a CD to your iPod / iPhone

To connect an Apple iPod to your PC, you need the iTunes software. This piece of software is used to transfer files from a PC to an iPod and vice versa. The iTunes software can be downloaded from the Apple Web Site for free. There are currently four Apple iPods along with the iPhone on the market right now: The iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, and iPod Nano. The way to add files/music are the same for all types of iPods.

When you buy a new iPod, apart from the documentation, the earphones, or the iPod deck that comes along with it, there is also a USB cable. It is this USB cable that you need to connect your iPod to your computer. The USB cable has two heads, one of them goes to the computer and the other head goes to your iPod device.

Copy Music to the iPod

You need the iTunes software to import music to your iPod. If you already have the iTune software on your computer, let's look at how you can import music from a CD to your iPod.

First, insert your CD into the CD drive. iTunes will automatically recognize it and will bring up a screen with the songs on your CD. You will be prompted to choose from either importing all the music titles or some of them. Click yes to import all the music files or no to select from the list.

Eject the CD and check to see that the files are in your iTunes Library. Next, you would need to sync it to your iPod.

Syncing your iPod / iPhone

Syncing is very easy. Simply connect your iPod to the computer, as discussed earlier. If you are connecting your iPod to a computer for the first time, you must name your iPod on the iPod Setup Assistant window that will pop up. On the same window, "select automatically sync songs and videos to my iPod" and click done. Wait for the transfer to complete and eject your iPod from the computer.

Organizing your Music

Organizing your music can make it easy to find and play. This will get to be more and more important as you add more and more music. To create a folder, scroll down to the bottom of the iTunes interface. On the bottom left side you would find the '+' button. Click on it and go ahead and your folder. To add songs to the folder, you would need to select them on the library and drag them into the folder.

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