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How to Make Greeting Cards in Word

If you don't have the time to dash to a store to pick up a greeting card for a loved one, you can design one yourself using Microsoft Word. I had the chance to play around with this feature of Word this weekend and figured it would make a good tip.

Along with saving time, creating your own card allows you to add your own personal touch to the card. Also, you may want a readily available digital copy of the card so you can send it by email or by multimedia messaging service using your phone. Using Word to create the card is much easier than scanning a card and then emailing it. The steps below will take you through the process of designing a greeting card in Microsoft Word.

1. Open up your version of Word. Since I still use Microsoft Office 2007, we shall be demonstrating how to make greeting cards with Word using Office 2007. It is my hope that readers will be able to use the roadmap, discussed here, to design greeting cards in Office 2010 or even older versions of Office.

2. In the left upper hand corner, find and click the Office button. The office button is the Word logo with the different colors of square rings loosely joined. In other versions of Word, you can also click on the "File" button.

3. Follow the drop down menu and click on "New".

Look for the list under Templates and click on the "Greeting Cards" link. You can now choose what title you need under greeting cards. There is the "Get Well" title. We also have the "Friendship" titles, "Holiday" titles, "occasion" and "events titles", and even the "sympathy" titles.

4. By clicking on any of the titles you will be connected to Microsoft Office Online, where you have the options to choose from hundreds of templates, depending on your title.

You can view the templates in Word and then download it whenever you are ready.

NOTE: The Office Genuine Advantage validation dialog box may appear. Not to worry, Microsoft just wants to make sure that you are running a legal copy of Office. Accessing the greeting card templates is one tool Microsoft is using to keep people from using illegal or pirated copies of Microsoft operating systems and software.

Modification of the downloaded card is easy. You can change the font sizes, font color, and background colors. You can even add images to the background, add some effects, and type your own message before printing the greeting card.

Although based on Office 2007, anyone with Office 2010 can follow the general steps to design and personalize greeting cards for their loved ones. It is easy to create greeting cards using Office, and above all, it is free.

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