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Hide the Taskbar Clock

The taskbar is the long bar at the bottom of your screen which, unlike your desktop, doesn't disappear at most times. It shows quite a few snippets of information. On the extreme left, you find the start button where you can go to turn the computer on or off or see what programs are available on the computer. To the right of the Start button, you will see some quick launch buttons that you can use to launch Windows media player, the Chrome or Mozilla browser or many other apps. The taskbar then shows you all the programs you are running and all the windows, folders, and browsers open in your session.

To the extreme right is the notification area where you will find the clock, and other such tools. Clicking on the icons will open the settings e.g. of the virus, firewall, or whatever the icon belongs to. Every now and then pieces of information are passed on to you through popup windows e.g. security alerts, low battery etc. For the sake of space or simplicity to reduce the clutter on your taskbar, you can make the clock disappear from your taskbar.

To the extreme right of the taskbar, you will see an arrow pointing upwards. You need to hover your mouse over this arrow and choose the option for showing hidden icons. This will give you an option to Customize. When you choose it you are directed towards the control panel window for the Notification area icons. You can use this to turn the system icons off or on. You can also click a drop down next to each of the system icons like clock, power, and volume and individually turn them on or off without disturbing the setting for others. This is how you can hide the taskbar clock.

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