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Google Chrome OS: Is it a Windows Killer?

Google has been saying that their soon to be released Google Chrome OS is a great new way for them to make money. How they are going to profit from Chrome OS is still unclear though. As the company tries to shed off claims by many analysts that it relies so much on profits from the search engine, one very vital question remains, who would prefer an Internet-based operating system to Windows? The question calls for debate. The fact is that people would like to see how this new OS works and what its interface is like.

According to Google insiders who are not authorized to talk on the matter, it is being said that Google Chrome OS looks just like the Google Chrome browser. Also, they are letting us know that you need an Internet connection to use this operating system.

Amidst all the troubles and concerns, the company is set to release the Chrome OS with a netbook soon. No specs or any detail of the netbook is known yet. A different company could be manufacturing the netbook for Google, but so far, Google has not released much info about this new netbook with Google Chrome OS. Will Google Chrome OS become a Microsoft Windows Killer? It remains to be seen how well this new OS from Google will stack up.

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