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10 Keys to using WinZip

1. How to compress files using Winzip?

There are two basic ways to compress files: from the program, or from the context menu of Windows. The first is to open the program and click on the button "New". At this time requesting a file name and location where created. You should then select, within the dialog box that appears, the files you wish to compress, then press ok. Once the zip file is created, you can add more files to it by dragging them over or re-opening the file with Winzip and selecting the "Add" button.

To compress from the context menu of Windows, simply select the file or group of files to be compressed and then click right mouse button and choose the option "Winzip / Add to zip file". Here we see a dialog box in which may indicate the name and path of the file to create.

2. How are uncompressed files with Winzip?

As for decompression, there are two methods. With the program or the context menu. To decompress the program simply double click on the file you want to decompress. WinZip opens and displays the file contents. Once opened, just press the button "Extract" after which the program will ask for the location you want to unzip the file.

To decompress from the context menu, just click with the right mouse button on the file or group of files to unzip and select "Winzip / Extract to ...".

3. What does the bad CRC error?

It is a very common error in files downloaded from the Internet. Winzip alerts when you it finds such an error. The only solution is to re-download the file, since these errors often occur because the file was corrupted during download.

4. What is the "Split"?

Winzip files can easily be created with the file size you specify. This feature can be very useful for several reasons. For example, to send large files by e-mail, many email services have limited the size of files that can be sent. The ability to copy larger files to a number of 1.44 MB floppies is also useful.

The process is simple. Simply open the program. Select "create new file" and attach all the files you want to compress. Once this is done, choose "Actions" -> "Split". This opens a dialog box asking for file names that will be generated and the size you want them to have. After selecting this, just click OK and the file will automatically be divided into as many parts as necessary.

5. Winzip is the only program capable of handling Zip files?

No. There are more programs that are able to do so. Usually compatibility is 100% except for files that are split into multiple fragments. Moreover, WinZip offers the possibility to create self-extracting compressed files. This means that it is possible to create an executable file (. Exe) that can be decompressed on any computer with a Windows system.

6. Is it free?

No. Winzip is distributed in the form of shareware. After a trial period of 30 days is required to pay $ 29 to keep using it. After this period of time, the program still works when opened but displays a message that the trial period has ended.

7. What is the difference between using Winzip Wizard and Classic?

You can use the program in two different ways. Winzip Classic shows the program as is, with its menus, icons, space for compressed files, etc. Winzip Wizard is a wizard that steps you through all the options you can do with compressed files. It is a kind of mini version of the program with limited options that guides less experienced users.

8. What is the Checkout button that appears in the icon bar of Winzip?

When you click the Checkout button, a dialog appears in which you have to indicate where to place the contents of the file to decompress. Once done, Winzip automatically, in addition to placing the file where we have indicated, creates a folder in the Programs menu (Windows Start menu) with direct access to the contents of the file in question.

9. Can I customize my program?

You can customize the icon bar of the program by clicking the right mouse button on it. Next, click the "Select buttons" button which provides the key functions of the program represented with icons that can be added to the Winzip interface.

10. Can I password-protect files?

Yes, it is possible to protect the compressed files with a password so that they can only be decompressed by people who know. To do this simply select the "Password" to create a Zip. This opens a dialog box requesting the password to be established in order to decompress the file.

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