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Translating a Document With Microsoft Word

There are times that you may want to get a document translated to a different language. For instance, you may need to translate an article from English to the French language. There are numerous ways to do this. The best way is to engage the services of a translator. If you could get your hands on a language translator, that's great, however, there are times we may want to get a document translated immediately. Also, a professional language translator will probably cost you some money. Windows Office 2010 and Office 2007 include good translators. You can follow the steps below to translate the document or selected text in Microsoft Office.

This feature is available in other MS office suites such as PowerPoint, excel, and One point etc. The translation feature in MS office is okay, however, you aren't going to get the same results as you would get with a professional language translator.

Step 1 First, open Microsoft Word and copy the document or text to Word. If you want to translate only a certain block of text, just select it. Click on reviews from the right-hand side -> click on Review button -> Click Translate and follow the drop down menu to click on translate document.

Step 2 - Next, on the Translate Document window -> select the language you wish to translate the document to.

Step 3 - The document in question will now open in your browser at the Microsoft Translator website. It is a little bit risky to translate highly confidential documents since you have to go to the web to do it. The document and the translated copy will be open side by side. Finally, all you have to do is to copy the document from the Microsoft Translator website and then paste it in MS Word.

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