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Value Memory Versus Performance Memory

One of the things we highly recommend on this site in multiple articles is upgrading your computer's memory. A memory upgrade is often the best bang for the buck upgrade. Often times, it allows you to very noticeably speed up your computer for well under $100. One question we get often, when it comes to memory, is whether or not someone should buy value RAM or high performance RAM. In this article, we look at the differences between the two.

Reliability Value RAM VS Performance RAM

Generally speaking, as long as the RAM you are buying is made by a good manufacturer, you should not see many differences when it comes to reliability between value memory and performance memory. A few examples of good manufacturers are Kingston, Crucial, and Corsair. Usually, both types of memory come with good, long warranties. Most manufacturers will also put both their value memory and performance memory through rigorous testing. One small difference is that performance memory will hold up better under more stressful conditions. This would include higher temperatures that often occur during overclocking. For the average user, when it comes to reliability, we would say that value ram and performance ram are about the same.

Speed Value RAM VS Performance RAM

If you are running your memory at stock motherboard speeds, you will not see much of a difference in speed between value ram and performance ram. The main difference in performance memory is that it allows the user more control to overclock their computer speeds. When overclocking, the user with performance memory can get more out of their RAM. Performance RAM is built to withstand higher temperatures and more rigorous conditions. So, if you are planning to overclock, value RAM is not for you. However, for the average user, value ram will be a fine option since the average user does not plan on overclocking.

Price Value RAM VS Performance RAM

This is pretty obvious, value RAM is a decent amount of cheaper than performance RAM. So, if you don't see yourself overclocking, it is probably worth buying either the value RAM or the normal grade RAM.

What memory is right for me?

The memory that is right for you is the memory that fits your needs. If you plan on doing some major or medium overclocking, you probably want to buy performance memory. If you plan on doing some very slight overclocking, you may want to go for the normal grade memory. If you have absolutely no interest in overclocking, it is probably best to go with either value Ram or a normal grade RAM. Generally speaking, if you are not an over clocker and you are just upgrading your memory because you are not quite ready to buy a new PC just yet, value ram is probably the way to go since it will provide a very cheap and noticeable performance boost.

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