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The Ease of Using a USB Modem

The USB modem is the fastest way to subscribe and instantly connect to the Internet. USB Modems or USB Mobile sticks are plug and go devices that let you access the Internet on your mobile computer or laptop wherever there is 3G, EDGE or HSPDA coverage.

USB modems do not require elaborate installation of hardware and running of wires. Buy a new computer and the next minute you are sending an email with the help of this modem. Unlike ADSL broadband, you don't need to have a phone line. To own a USB modem in the US, you may need to buy a package from a broadband provider.

Compatibility and Where to Find

You could get a USB modem from any of the following broadband providers: CableVision, Earthlink, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, AT&T/Yahoo, ComCast, and

USB modems are compatible with Microsoft Operating Systems. Mac OS X is gaining ground among computer scientists and graphic designers and no ISP wants to lose out. Almost all broadband providers in the United States now have modems that can run on Mac OS X.

In a desperate policy to keep customers, Internet Service Providers in the US do not make it possible to migrate to a different broadband provider and still use the old USB modem. Almost all USB modems in the US use the same platform and each service provider has an unlock code. Although it is against the contract, some people have been able to unlock their devices using special software applications widely available online.

Installation is Easy

Installing a USB modem on a new laptop or desktop computer is very easy. Anybody can do it. All you need to do is boot up your computer, locate, and insert the USB modem. The installation wizard should take it from there. You may be required to give computer administrative permission which is as simple as clicking yes or typing in the computer password and clicking OK after that. Thatís it! You are ready to start surfing the Internet.

When Not to Use a USB modem

There are a few situations in which a USB modem is not for you. First, if you are constantly traveling outside the US, a USB modem may not be for you. Although it is possible to use your USB modem outside the United States, it makes no economic sense because you may have to pay for roaming. Next, if you are someone who rarely uses your laptop outside of the house, you will get a better deal on Internet through your local provider. You will also get more bandwidth and speed as well.

For those always on the go for several days a month, a USB broadband modem is the right hardware to stay in touch with businesses, the office, home, family, and friends. All that needs to be installed is the software which is automatically runs on the laptop as soon as the modem is detected.

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