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Secure Password Tips

Having a secure password is always a good idea with all the hackers trying to crack into your personal information. Identity theft is becoming more and more common and a secure password for your information is one way to cut down on this. One should keep in mind the following tips:

1. Do not use passwords that are just easy words (albeit foreign), or names (the user's fictional characters, family members, pets, brands, cities, places, or other related).

2. Do not use passwords with a completely digital meaning (phone, identity card, birth date, patent car, etc.).

3. Choose a password that mixes alphabetic characters (uppercase and lowercase if possible) and numbers.

4. Should be long, 8 or more characters.

5. Have different passwords on different machines or for different important websites. It is possible to use a password-based and logical variations of the same for different machines.

6. Should be easy to remember so you are not compelled to write the password down. Some examples are:

Combining short words with a number or punctuation character: soy2_yo3
Use an acronym for a phrase easy to remember: A troubled waters Gain fishing = ArRGdP.
Another idea is to choose a word without meaning, but pronounceable: taChunda72, AtajulH, Wen2Mar.
Placing signs for letters or numbers is one last idea. For example, h3110 instead of hello.

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