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How to Use Chrome to Control a Mac from PC

The Google Chrome remote desktop extension lets you connect to a Mac from a PC. This is just another reason why Google Chrome is gaining ground every day. This new feature, the Chrome Remote Desktop extension, makes it possible to connect to one computer from another using a Google Chrome browser. Of course, to control the remote computer, you will need a keyboard and a mouse/touchpad.

Remote desktop software applications are everywhere. In fact, there are many good ones. Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection in Windows is built into Windows operating systems. There is also a Mac version. The problem about Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection is that one can only connect to a PC from a Mac. The reverse is not possible.

The Chrome Remote Desktop lets you connect from a PC to Mac and vice versa. It rocks because you do not need to configure a variety of settings. Let us see how to do this:

The first thing we need to do is install Chrome on the Mac and PC.

The second important thing is to visit Chrome Web Store for the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. Download and install it on both computers.

Now, open Chrome on the Mac. Open a new tab. You can do this by clicking on the +button. You are going to see all installed software and extensions. Locate and click on the Chrome Remote Desktop. You will be required to authorize the action if it is the first time you are doing this, please do so by clicking on the Continue button.

When prompted for necessary permission for the extension to run, click on Allow Access button.

When prompted to share the computer, click on the Share this Computer button.

This is the stage where you must have a pen and paper by you. You will receive an access code. You will need the access code in order to control the Mac. (The Code is going to be entered on the PC.) So, write it down.

Go to your PC and launch Chrome. Open a new Tab, click on the Chrome Remote Desktop icon. You will be required to grant permission for the extension to run. Please do so.

On the Chrome Remote Desktop Connect screen, click on the link 'access a shared computer'.

Enter the access code generated on the Mac and then click on the Connection button.

You now have access to the Mac from the PC. Use your mouse and keyboard to do whatever you want.

When you are finished, simply click on the Disconnect button.

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