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Google Reaches One Billion Visitors Per Month

Google has achieved a milestone that Facebook, Microsoft, and even Twitter wish they were there first -- the one billion hits per month mark. This has been reported in the Wall Street Journal and the report is based on comScore data.

Google recorded a 8.4% increase in unique visitors, which is the jet engine that propelled them to reach the 1 billion hits per month mark. Microsoft came in second with a 15% gain in unique visitors to hover around 905 million hits per month. Although Facebook got a 30% boost in unique visitors, the highest of the three, it was not enough for the social networking site to beat Google or Microsoft. Facebook finished close behind with 714 million hits per month.

Many people fault the accuracy of the report. Especially since comScore data is based on two million users. Meanwhile Google is not making any public comments, in keeping with its tradition of not discussing its monthly traffic with the public.

Five years ago, when comScore started tracking traffic information, Microsoft was ahead of the game with a monthly hit rate of over 539 million and Google was close behind with just 496 million. Things have changed and Google is now in the number one spot. The data goes to show Google's position as the policing agent of the Internet.

Google Going Green

In a separate development, Google is investing more than $102 million in wind power technology. Google has been going green with several projects in the works. Not long ago, Google spent about $55 million on a 102 MW Alta IV initiative at AWEC. It is currently joining forces with Citibank to contribute $102 million to Terra-Gen Power's Alta Wind Energy Center (AWEC) according to Google's Green Blog.

Google expects Tehachapi, a California-based AWEC, to generate more than one gigawatt of electricity by the end of the year, and more than 1,550 MW after completion of the facility. The electricity will be sold to Southern California Edison under an agreement with Terra-Gen, which is the facility developer.

Many expect Google to develop more of these facilities to power its servers. However, Google is not directly doing that yet, and according to the arrangement, the two companies, Google and Citibank, would own the facility and lease it to Terra-Gen Power who would be managing and operating the facility.

Google has, so far, invested more than $780 million into wind power. Of that amount, $700 million was spent in 2011 alone. Google expects to start profiting on the investment soon. The company is doing everything to promote clean, renewable energy. The company has invested huge amounts of money into facilities that are currently generating more than 1.7 gigawatts of electricity.

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