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Edit Your Photos with Google Plus Creative Kit

The photos on your social profiles tell a lot about you. We all know what they say about a first impression. It is little wonder why we go to great length to pick the finest and the best photo in the gallery for all to see. With Photoshop, you can make your photo looks beautiful. You can remove scars, hide red eyes, and even change the background just to deceive the untrained eyes. 99% of us are blind to Photoshop image editing. If you don't feel comfortable in Photoshop, don't worry. Google plus has made photo editing easy and fun. The Google Plus Creative Kit is a tool you should know about.

The Google Plus Creative Kit is powered by Picnik. The tool is a cool photo editing application that enhances your photo albums with special and cool effects. You can do all sort of creative and crazy things with this tool, right there in your browser and on your Google+ page. Let's see how.

First, log on to your Google plus account. If you don't have an account, it is easy to open one.

Let's say you already have an account with one or more photos already uploaded. You can open your Google plus Creative Kit by selecting a photo from a photo album and then choose Edit.

Click on the Creative Kit button. The Creative Kit interface will open up. There, you will notice the basic editing tools.

For a quick fix, simply click the Auto-fix button.

The Effect button leads to photo filters. There are sliders that allow one to adjust orientation.

The Touch-Up section displays brush sizes for you to pick from.

The seasonal filter gives that Christmas environment, of falling snow, to your photo. We expect this effect to change according to the day or season of the year.

The Vandalize section is interesting as well. This is the costume pot. Here you can find just about 'every' costume you can think of from vampire eyes to the Queen's crown. You can really make yourself look funny with the Vandalize section as its name suggests.

There is an array of fonts and effects that will help any creative person design a card and do many brilliant things with a photo. Try it and see if like it.

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