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Smartphone Buying Guide

At some point in history, the world was comfortable with just making and receiving calls phones. That started to change when the business community wanted a device that did a whole lot more. The Personal Digital Assistant or PDA was born. The business savvy professionals started used the PDA to monitor projects, keep tabs on daily tasks, and store clients information. The Smartphone is what came next. Here are some of my Smartphone buying tips for 2012.

Keep in mind that most smartphones these days have the same core features. The ability to browse the web, an E-mail program, a calendar, the ability to send pictures via text, and nice address book. You may want to reconsider if the smartphone you are looking at is missing a standard core feature.


The design of a Smartphone is the first impression we get about the phone. Many mobile devices are aerodynamically shaped. What you should look for in a good design is size, durability, and usability. Different designs are right for different people. For example, some people prefer a phone that is more compact. However, others may go for a phone with a bigger screen.


Multimedia is the backbone of modern mobile devices. When buying a Smartphone you have to look at a few different factors. Look for a phone with a high megapixel camera. The camera software is also important. Can the phone record videos? Is the smartphone multimedia nicely integrated with other phone features such as sharing options? These are a few of the things to look for.

Memory & Battery Life

Tons of great applications are out there for you to download. You may also want to put music onto your phone. The memory is very important if you donít want to limit your user experience. Look for phones with a lot of memory or phones that include additional memory card slots. When it comes to battery life, a good Smartphone should last for more than 60 hours on idle mode.

Other Features

A good smartphone has additional features such as GPS, map applications, and calculators. What you should look out for is a phone that allows third-party applications. This is important to customize both your user interface and user experience. Generally, smartphones running iOS(iPhone) or Android will have a lot of good apps available.

Another thing we wanted to note is that the smartphone world changes fast. Todayís $300 phone may be free or much cheaper a few months from now. So, keep that in mind when purchasing an expensive phone.

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