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Turn Off the Mouse Click Sound

Some people, my humble self included, enjoy using the laptop in a quiet environment. The fan inside the laptop makes a little bit of noise. Apart from that, you can tweak your laptop sounds. For example, your computer probably makes pleasant sounds each time you surf from one web page to another or from one directory to another. Some people find this click sound weird and annoying. Now, we must say that this clicking sound is quite different from spontaneous and other unwanted sounds induced when there is hardware or software problem. This sound that you hear while surfing the web is usually not a software or a hardware related problem unless you get some other type of warning.

To stop the mouse click sounds, you simply need to tweak your Windows settings. Follow the steps below to turn off the sound.

Step 1 - Click on the sound icon located on the taskbar and turn on the speakers if they are not already on.

Step 2 - Click on start and from the start menu go to the Control Panel.

Step 3 - On the control panel window, click on the sound icon.

Step 4 - The Sound menu opens up, click on the sounds tab located on the upper left corner.

Step 5 - On the program section, scroll down to Windows Explorer and highlight the start navigation.

Step 6 - Click the test button to see if it produces the same sound.

Step 7 - If step 6 is true, you can disable the clicking sound by going to the sound section. The sound section is the drop down menu located on the left bottom side of the sound menu.

Step 8 - Scroll all the way up, highlight "none", and click ok.

At this point, you should no longer here the sound when clicking around the web or the directory structure on your computer.

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