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Netbook Versus Notebook

The netbook and the notebook are both computer laptops. The major difference between the two lies in screen size. Big screen laptops are notebooks, and those with small screen sizes are called netbooks. Netbooks are great for mobility purposes. They are far cheaper than notebooks as well. In contrast, when it comes to usability, comfort, and software applications, the notebook is a lot better than the netbook. Let's delve further into the similarities and the differences.

Operating System & Applications

Netbooks, because of limited memory space, need lightweight operating systems. They run on Windows and on Linux operating systems. Because space is of the essence, their hard drives, and RAM are far smaller than you find on notebooks.


Size is a major factor in netbook design considerations. To save space, the battery on the machine must be small, the smaller the better. Since the battery is small, this reduces the number of hours an average netbook can last on a single charge compared to a notebook. If you are away from home with a netbook and without the power pack, you may wish you had a notebook instead.

Screen Size

Netbooks range in screen sizes from 9 inches display (1024 X 600) to 11 inches screen display. The lower the screen size the lower the resolution. A netbook with a smaller screen size, like 9 inches, may not display most web pages properly.


Netbooks are small and due to the size of their keyboards, they are not popular for real office work. Often times the keyboards are small and tougher to use.


Netbooks are far cheaper than notebooks. Netbooks have small screens, little keyboards, and smaller ‘electronic components' when compared with notebooks. If you are running on a tight budget, a netbook could be what you are looking for.

People like the netbook because of its mobility. The netbook is simply a small notebook. Netbooks are superb for reading, chatting, and sending emails. They are not the right computer to play PC games, or carry out tasks such as designing and video editing.

Many applications are design for standard laptop screens. Software applications are developed to run properly on 13", 14", and higher screen sizes. This can be a headache when using a netbook. So, depending on your situation and needs, you can now make an informed decision on a netbook or a notebook.

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