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iOS 5 Features and Upgrades

The new iOS 5 has only been out for a week or so and almost one third of all iOS phones are now using the new iOS 5. We wanted to take a look at some of the features that have caused this mass migration to the new mobile operating system.

Notification Center in iOS 5

One new feature in iOS 5 is the notification center. This feature allows you to see all notifications in one place. This includes email, messages, calendar events, weather, and more. This is very handy feature that can save you a lot of time.

Newsstand in iOS5

Another feature that we like is the new Newsstand feature. This feature is a very cool looking News area for all of your subscriptions. This feature automatically updates itself and brings the latest and greatest news to your attention. This feature also makes it easy to subscribe to new news subscriptions as well.

Upgraded Camera

The camera app has been updated and improved in iOS 5. You can now bring up the camera directly from the lock screen. They have also made some of the camera controls easier to use as well. The last cool feature of the new camera app is that if you have the photostream in iCloud enabled, your pictures will automatically sync to all of your devices.

Twitter Integration

iOS 5 now provides much better twitter integration if you are a big tweeter. The integrated twitter is super easy to get setup and working. Once installed and activated, users will find Tweet options in several places from the Safari browser, maps, the camera app, and contact information where Twitter handles can be added. Also, the keyboard has been redesigned for more prominent #(hash-tag) and @ keys.


This feature is similar to the Blackberry Messenger app that many Blackberry users enjoy. This app allows iOS 5 users to send unlimited messages between each other. iMessage also allows you to send pictures, video, messages, and contacts to other users. This is a great app for those you like to text or send a lot of pictures to other iPhone users.

Upgrades to Facetime

One feature that many iPhone users love is the Facetime app. This feature has been improved in iOS 5. Now, you can use Facetime on 3G. This is a big improvement over the previous version of having to be on Wi-Fi. Last, they improved the video quality for Facetime as well.

There are many more new features that iOS 5 includes as well such as iCloud, a Voice assistant, a dictionary, and more. With all these improvements, it is no mystery why so many users are upgrading to iOS 5.

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