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IE9 Beta

After the battle of the browsers in Europe that forced Microsoft to bundle every one of its operating systems sold in the EU zone with rival browsers, the company saw a decline in IE popularity from 73% to 60%. In this time, Mozilla Firefox rose to popularity. The recently alleged cyber-attack from China gave a denting blow and further made IE less popular. With the release of IE9 beta, Microsoft Internet Explorer is back with lots of steam.

What can IE 9 beta do differently?

The new Internet Explorer from Microsoft is still in its beta stage, yet we can see that Microsoft has learnt its lessons. The browser combines a feel of minimalism as it opens pages and makes them shine. Perhaps many technology companies, including Microsoft Inc., are borrowing an idea from Apple Keep it simple and short.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta

A huge plus to IE9 is the fact that IE9 is interoperable with web and markup standards. Former IE versions were not very compatible with the W3C and Ecma International web standards. IE9 is built around HTML 5 with its new and advanced graphic capabilities. Another cool feature is when a Web site is not responding, a small menu pops out and asks you to recover the web page by clicking a button. This is the same thing as refreshing a page, but the fact that it is done differently is a good improvement.

Bottom Line

After downloading the IE9 beta, I had problems accessing the web immediately. We don't know why it was so and not everyone may have a similar experience. However, it took only a few seconds to make the necessary tweaks to get IE9 to start displaying web pages. Other than that little problem, I've found the new browser, IE9 beta, very fast and efficient to surf the net.

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