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Repair a Computer Problem Remotely

You can be in London and help a friend fix a computer problem in the US. You don't need to make a phone call and you don't need to write down do-it-yourself steps for your friend to follow. All you need is a piece of software called the Remote Assistance software. With this tool, you can connect and take control of a computer from anywhere in the world.

Online computer repair services use the remote assistance software to help clients fix problems. You too can use it to help a friend fix a computer problem. If there is something wrong with your computer that you can't repair, you can ask someone to connect and remotely help you fix the problem. Remote assistance lets you sit back, relax, and watch as a computer expert uses the cursor to fix your computer.

Windows operating systems have built-in remote assistance. There is built-in Remote assistance in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Two computers running on Windows can be connected by means of the Internet from anywhere in the world. Although, there is no built-in windows assistance in Mac, Mac users can still enjoy this technology by way of a third-party Windows remote assistance. There are many good third party ones remote assistants out there for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Windows Remote Assistance

For Windows 7: click on Start-> in the start search box, type in "troubleshoot"-> click on invite someone to help you-> choose how you want to send the invitation to your helper (ie, email or messenger). Save the invitation link as a file and send it via email. You will need to create a password and send it to your helper, preferably over the phone.

Your helper can now click on the link and enter the password. That is it. You can now watch and see how he moves around your computer.

For Windows Vista: Windows Vista users should start by clicking on Start -> type in the words "Remote Assistance" into the search box.

For Windows XP: Windows XP users should start by clicking on start ->go to All Programs -> click the Remote Assistance link.

Note: For Windows XP, you can send the Invitation link via Outlook. It is best to have an Outlook account setup before you try to invite a friend.

Mac Operating System Remote Assistant

Remote Assistance software available for Mac users includes Mac VNC, TeamViewer, GoToAssistant, Bongar, and WebEx Remote Support.

Linux Operating System Remote Assistant

The rDeskTop is a Remote Assistance built for the Linux operating system. There are other good ones too, but this one stands out.

Remote Assistant Behind a Router

A lot of routers are already setup to allow remote desktop or remote assistant connections. However, if you are having a problem with remote assistant, you may have to open or forward the port in your router settings to the PC you are trying to fix. The port for remote assistant is 3389. You will have to login to your router and forward this port. You may need to check your router documentation if you are having trouble with this.

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