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Versace Smartphone

Back in January, Versace announced its unique cell phone. Now, in less than six months, the luxury phone has been launched. However, you can only find one in selected boutiques around the world. This smart phone is very unique and will definitely stand out. The phone is simple and beautiful with an embossed Versace logo. There are two options to choose from. There is an 18K yellow gold finish or a 316L grade stainless steel frame.

There has been no hint about the OS that powered the phone. However, the luxury smart phone was developed by LG. It has a 3-inch touch screen, email client, a superb 5-megapixel camera with flash and a video/MP3 player. Not much about the price is known at this point, but you can guess that it will probably be expensive. You can get your hands on one at an exclusive boutique, Versace flagship boutiques, and jewellery stores close to you.

Versace has not said how many of these phones they will produce, but it probably won't be many. This phone will for sure be glamorous, but it won't be too practical since the smartphone industry changes so fast. However, who is thinking about practicality when buying a cell phone made of diamonds and gold.

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