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Simple Ideas To Recycle Your Computer

Technology keeps on advancing at an ever increasing pace, and that is the reason why we tend to upgrade our computers every four to five years. When you buy a new computer, you may not know about what you can do with your old computer, right?

If your computer is too old, do not even think about just throwing it in the garbage because computer components contain harmful chemicals that can cause great damage to the environment.

Recycling is best thing you can do to your old computer. Recycling is all about making your computer into reusable material. Whether you send your old PC to recycle center or recycle it yourself, you can do your bit to save the environment and make good use of it rather than treating it as junk. Here are some simple ideas for recycling your computer:

Send it to Recycle Center

When you do not know what you can do to reuse your computer, you can simply send it your old computer to a recycle center. If you do not know how to find a recycle center, you can simply visit to give your computer for recycling.

Use the monitor as a TV

You can use your old CRT or LCD monitor as a secondary TV in your house. By purchasing an external TV tuner (available for around $50), you can turn your monitor into a secondary television. All you need to do is connect the cable line to the TV tuner and the monitorís VGA cable to the slot provided on the TV tuner and your secondary television is ready.

Gaming Server

Do you like gaming? Have you purchased your new PC to play hi-end games? Do you like to play multiplayer games? If so, you will be surprised to know your old computer can be used a gaming server. Rather than playing games on otherís server why not play games on your own server. By having your own gaming server, you will be less likely to get lag issues.

Since you do not need to install games on a server, your old computer that does not have a 3D graphics card or high performance CPU can be turned into a gaming server. Most of the multiplayer games available these days have option to create a dedicated server, so creating a gaming server is really not a difficult task.

For the best server experience, you should be running your server on a solid connection to the Internet such as broadband.

Use it is as digital photo frame

Instead of letting your photos remain in your hard drive forever, you can bring them to life by turning your old computer into a digital photo frame. All you need to do is add all your photos to the slideshow screensaver and keep it on for all to enjoy. To give it a realistic appeal of a photo frame, you can fix a good-looking frame on the front panel of your monitor. Since you are using your monitor as digital photo frame, you need to make sure that nobody sees your computer.

For a finishing touch, just keep the screensaver turned on throughout the day and youíll easily impress your family members and visitors.

Backup machine

Your old computer can be turned into a dedicated backup machine. Instead of storing all your files in DVDs or pen drives or buying an external hard drive for backup, you can easily backup your data in your old computer. On your old Windows computer, you can use the Backup and Restore feature to create backups.

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