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Office 10 & Chrome

As the year comes to an end, you probably must be making plans as to what to get for the festive period and where to spend the holiday. If you are a techie, there is one machine that would surely be around you all the way through and that is your PC. Windows office 10 Beta 2 and Google Chrome OS (due for next week) are two betas you may want to play with this Christmas season.

Google Chrome OS is widely believed to be what an OS is supposed to be in the age of the internet. This OS capitalizes on the flaws of Windows and it will first target Netbook users, many of whom have dumped Windows for Linux. Expect simplicity and speed from Google Chrome OS.

The Beta 2 of Windows Office 10 is not only about beautiful icons and extraordinary graphics, but it is the best of its kind I have seen. The PowerPoint is especially lovely and I played with it all night. Be part of the excitement, get a copy from a TechNet subscriber or go through the process and get one for yourself.

Microsoft also announced a new subscription offering for Windows Office 2010. With this new plan, subscribers will pay a small fee yearly to enjoy the goodies of this extraordinary software. The only difference between the subscribed and non-subscribed users is that those using the subscribed software must renew their subscriptions yearly.

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