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"Windows start up time was shortened by 24 seconds, which is a lifetime in computer terms."
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To help you solve the problem of a slow computer, SpeedUpMyPC will scan for issues and fix them in no time, improving your PC speed and overall performance.

The Problem

Have you ever checked how many issues are disturbing your PC speed? It is practically impossible, even for an experienced user, to monitor your PC performance for issues like DNS cache size and unnecessary services which are slowing you down, let alone fixing them to be able to enjoy a considerable gain in speed.

The Solution

SpeedUpMyPC gives you the satisfaction of having an easy-to-use, quick, nonetheless effective tool, which will noticeably improve your PC speed. This program will help your computer to run smoother as it scans network settings, disk clutter, RAM and CPU function, which are then cleaned and fine-tuned. This will result in a better and faster system and in you enjoying a better PC performance.

Expert Reviews

tucows logoDr. File Finder from Tucows :
"The 2012 version has more power than ever before with a brand-new back-end and scanning engine, refined functionality and a totally redesigned interface."
cnet logoOverclockersclub's view on SpeedUpMyPC:
"Windows start up time was shortened by 24 seconds, which is a lifetime in computer terms." logoHarmanas Chopra's opinion:
"SpeedUpMyPC is the perfect program to take care of speeding up your PC with minimal involvement."
Niamh Lynch logoHarmanas Chopra's opinion:
"With its new features, this really is an all-in-one solution to the problem of reduced PC performance."
Paul Rowlingson

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