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Average Cost of a Computer

The average cost of a new computer is something that is tough to pinpoint exactly. However, many companies and sites have done studies on this. At the time of this article, the average person will spend around $650 on a new PC. This makes sense since you can find a new computer for as little as $250, but you can go all the way into the thousands of dollars as well. These higher end computers can bring the average up a bit.

We also want to note that the $650 average price does not count any type of server sales or netbook sales.

Average Cost of an Apple Computer is Much Higher

It shouldn't surprise you too much to find out that the average price of a new Apple computer is just over $1,050. Apple is known for higher end computers and it is tough to find a decent computer from Apple for under $500.

Investing in Your Current PC is Worth it to a Point

If the average person spends around $650 on a new computer, it makes sense to try to speed up your current computer. Our recommendation is that you don't spend more than $100 on upgrades and speed up utilities. Many of the things you can do to speed up your current PC are free tasks that just take some time. When it comes to spending money, it could be worth buying a register cleaner, such as Registry Booster, and upgrading your memory. Yet again, if you think you are going to spend well over $100, it may be time for a new PC.

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