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Amazon Cloud Drive Review

Amazon is now offering 5 GB of free storage on their servers which they are calling the Amazon cloud drive. We took a look at the free Amazon cloud drive to see how it works and what it can be used for. You can sign up for this free space at

Download and Upload Speeds

The first thing we wanted to see is how fast the upload and download speeds were. Since this is a free product, we were wondering if the speeds would be slow. However, overall, we were impressed by the speed of both the downloading and the uploading of files. It looked like our connection was the limiting factor in this test.

Amazon Cloud is Available Anywhere

One great thing about this free product is that it is available anywhere that you have an Internet connection. Amazon claims consistent uptime for this free service and we didn't see any reason to believe otherwise. To go along with this, they claim that all files are stored securely.

Uses for Amazon Cloud Drive

The Amazon Cloud Drive can be used in many useful ways. First, as you may know from other articles on this site, it is very important to backup important files and folders. The free 5GB of space is a great way to safely backup your files.

Another good use of the Amazon Cloud Drive is to treat it like a portable USB drive. When you need to grab a file and take it with you, you can use the Amazon Cloud Drive instead of a USB drive as long as you will have an Internet connection. A side benefit of this is that you will be less likely to spread or contract a computer virus by using the Cloud Drive. USB drives are notorious for spreading malware.

Available Upgrades

If you find that you really enjoy the Amazon Cloud Drive, but need more space, extra space can be purchased. You can upgrade to 20 GB for $20 per year or you can upgrade to 50 GB for $50 per year.

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