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6 Rare Windows 7 Tips

It is often required to view the hidden files and folders on your computer. The following guides show you how to enable viewing of these hidden files.

Viewing Hidden Files in Windows 7

Here are 5 hot Windows 7 tips. Windows 7 is the number one operating system around—although Mac operating systems are coming up fast from behind. There are numerous Windows 7 tips, but we have come up with some rare ones. We will start from the least difficult and end with the most difficult tip.

Add a New Library in Windows 7

The Library is a feature in Windows 7 that pops up when you open a file or when you use the explorer. It can help you to better organize your files and folders. Let's see how you can add a new library.

Simply open the Windows explorer-> click on Libraries-> click on New Library->name your new library-> right-click on your new library, select and click on properties. Next, search for the folder you would like the new library to hold.

Lock Windows 7 with just a click

Do you know you can lock your Windows 7 machine by clicking on a desktop shortcut? To do this, right-click on an empty space on your desktop -> new -> shortcut -> enter 'RunDll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation' without the quotation marks and click on Continue. Next, type a name for the shortcut and click finish.

Use the command line to hibernate, shut down, or reboot a computer in Windows 7

This tip is particularly helpful when using remote desktop since you cannot use remote desktop to shut down, hibernate, or reboot your computer. However, you can do these tasks using the command line.

To shut down your computer via the command line, type in shutdown -s -t 1

To hibernate your computer, use the command line shutdown -h

To restart or reboot your computer quickly, use the command line, shutdown -r -t 1

Dial in to a remote computer

You can dial in to a remote computer using a feature in Windows 7 called Radmin. You must create or have a port open for this to work on a computer. So how do you add a port?

Click on start -> run -> type in firewall.cpl-> OK-> click on Add Port-> for the name form, type in radmin. For the Port number form, type in 4899. Select TCP and click Ok.

How to change a file extension in Windows 7

File extensions in Windows 7 are not easy to access. To learn how to change file extensions, open any folder window, open the organize tab-> select Folder and Search Options-> on the Folder Options, click on the View tab and uncheck 'Hide Extensions' box. Next, Right-click on the file -> Rename and change the file extension.

Fix the Master Boot Record MBR in Windows 7

A hard disk failure or a sudden power failure could corrupt a computer Master Boot Record or MBR. To fix this problem, start your computer with the Windows 7 disk -> click on Repair Your Computer -> identify your operating system and click on Command Prompt-> type in bootrec.exe /fixmbr. This should be able to fix your master boot record if it is corrupted.

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