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10 Signs Of Technological Dependence

Technology is such an astounding, useful beast! However, it's not entirely harmless, at that. While most people rely on tech gadgets to make their lives easier and better, there are increasingly more folks who crossed the line of dependence and have grown excessively reliant on their machines... to the point they can barely function without them.

Can you relate with that feeling? If so, this article will help you find some perspective and make sure you are a user - rather than an addict to your technological belongings.

1) You can't live without your smartphone

A little over ten years ago, you had to look for a phone whenever you needed to call someone. For a long time that worked pretty well, too! So, why do so many people apparently feel naked without their cell phones? In fact, when was the last time you managed to live through a full day without your smartphone at arm's reach? If you cannot remember such a time, maybe you should challenge yourself to do just that, one of these days.

2) You keep checking your e-mail every hour

Back in the day, when people felt bored, they tried to think of something that was worth doing. These days, it's all about standing still and waiting for something to magically happen. Like hoping for an e-mail message to suddenly arrive to your inbox and brighten your day. What's the point of that, really? If you keep checking your e-mail every hour and there are never noteworthy new messages, you need to put your time to better use.

3) You buy new gadgets compulsively

So you're the ideal Apple customer? You know... the kind who'll eagerly jumps at a chance to buy a slightly revised version of that favorite piece of hardware you already own? The kind who owns more gadgets than time to actually use them? If that's the case, maybe you should keep in mind that you may be trying to fill a void with expensive toys; it's a vain struggle.

4) You think handwriting is pointless

Remember pen and paper? That stuff that people used to scribble down with all the time? Well, those kinds of tools sure seem to be getting redundant these days, don't they? Truth of the matter is that if you barely remember how to write by hand, you are missing out on a valuable skill. Not to mention that regular paper has unique benefits, which you'll earnestly appreciate if you ever god forbid get caught up in a scenario where no electricity is available.

5) Your computers outnumber your family members

In this day and age, it's fairly normal to have as many as one working computer per person in your household. But if you have three computers plus two laptops and a tablet just for your private use... there's a real chance you're taking it too far. Either you need to learn how to share your tools, or you need to realize that owning multiple computers does not necessarily make you a better technician.

6) You got two solar chargers for electronic devices

Sure, "to be prepared" is a good motto to live by. Granted, a solar-power charger is a good piece of equipment for techies who spend time outdoors, away from electrical sockets. But if you keep an extra solar-powered battery charger at hand, just in case you need to charge multiple devices at once... that clearly defeats the concept of "outdoors natural living".

7) You fill a whole bag with tech toys while travelling

The same reasoning applies as with the previous point: nothing wrong with taking some of your favorite tech toys and tools with you, while traveling. It's only natural, in fact! But if you had to purchase a new bag just to be able to take all your newest gadgets with you, just in case you might get bored... maybe you really need to re-learn how relaxing it can be to spend some time doing nothing at all.

8) Your social interactions are mostly computer-mediated

Computer-mediated communication is a sign of our ages, and in many cases it can be a wonderful thing: it allows you to easily keep in touch with friends and family members, no matter where in the world they are. However, if you find yourself spending more and more time instant-messaging with your close friends who live a few blocks away, and less and less time being with those same friends personally... then you really should tone down on the informatics.

9) You keep looking for excuses to stay indoors

Thinning ozone layer! Global warming! Rampant crime sprees! Possible hurricane alert! Raccoon infestation! If you keep looking for plausible reasons to justify your escalading anti-social behavior, maybe you're just growing too fond of machines and overlooking the fact that you're a living, breathing human being? Consider that, before you find yourself looking for a way to upload your mind to a hard drive.

10) You forgot how to sit still and do nothing

When was the last time you just sat down in the couch with all appliances turned off, and did a bit of thinking on your own? Do you remember when you used to go for a walk just for the sake of it? How about that elusive ability you once had to just relax, without need to find a distraction? If you don't know the answer to these questions... it's about time you do a bit of introspection.

If a lot of these above cases apply to you, there's a real chance you may be a victim of technological dependence. You should keep an eye out for that and make changes if you find yourself getting too attached to technology.

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